Intro to Redmi Phone and Root

This post is going to describe how you can root xiaomi redmi mobile phones. The tutorial uses note 9 pro max and is valid for other redmi phones! So let’s begin by rooting our Redmi note 9 pro max. I am a redmi note 9 pro max user & I have successfully rooted my device & I’m going to show how I did that. This process applies for redmi note 9 pro too as well as other devices!

The redmi 9 pro max no doubt is a superb device in terms of price, performance & overall system stability. As the technology advances, the harder it gets to root the device. But this won’t be the case at least for now!!!


Custom Recovery Installed (TWRP or Orangefox)

Magisk zip File

Unlocked bootloader

How to Root Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

1: Download & copy magisk zip file to Internal storage.

2: Reboot into custom recovery. Different phones have different ways! Either power off your phone & press volume up + power button for 10 seconds simultaneously or use PowerShell window & type adb reboot recovery. If you have difficulty, follow this link. We will update with our easier version in future post.

3: After entering custom recovery, select internal storage as shown in the image.

Screenshot of internal storage of mobile
Select internal storage

4: Locate your downloaded magisk zip file & select it.

5: Flash the selected magisk zip file & wait for the completion.

Installation of magisk
Flashing Magisk

6: After Flashing is completed, hit wipe cache & reboot your device.

Reboot of device!
Wipe Caches
Confirmation of wiping process.
Successfully rooted xiaomi redmi note 9 pro max.
Done ✅

The rooting process is complete. Now reboot your phone to the system. After the reboot is complete, the magisk manager app will automatically installed within 30 seconds of reboot. The redmi note 9 pro max is successfully rooted. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will reply ASAP.

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