Today through this article, I will show the proper guide to install custom recovery like TWRP & OrangeFox recovery. The orangeFox recovery is better then TWRP recovery in terms of looks & features. The overall performance is faster & support multiple task compare to TWRP recovery.

I have installed both TWRP & OrangeFox recovery. I personally suggest to use orangeFox recovery. However, it’s your choice. The method used in this article is simple & safe. There is no chance of bootloop or other error (brick) in this process.


1: Laptop/pc

2: Fastboot drivers installed

3: USB cable

How to install custom recovery on Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

1: Connect your phone to pc/laptop & open PowerShell window. (Press shift + right click on the mouse to open PowerShell window)

2: Enable usb debugging on the device. (Go-to developer option & select enable usb debugging)

3: Type adb devices on the PowerShell window to check if your device is detected.

Make sure your device is connected.

4: Type adb reboot bootloader (this will reboot your device to fastboot mode)

adb reboot bootloader

5: Now your device is in fastboot mode. Type fastboot devices to check if your device is detected.

fastboot devices

6: Type fastboot flash recovery then drag your recovery img file to PowerShell window. Make sure you have copied your recovery.img inside adb folder where you installed it. (Probably on C drive)

fastboot flash recovery (recovery image name)

7: Hit enter & wait for the flash to complete. After the flashing is complete, reboot your device to recovery mode by pressing volume up + power button for 10 second.

reboot your phone to recovery (vol up + power)

The device will reboot to the recovery mode. Now I have installed orangeFox recovery, so the orangeFox recovery will open. If you install TWRP then TWRP recovery will open. The process/method for both recovery are same.

File manager
Back up section
Backing up data + recovery + boot

Download orangeFox recovery here

Download TWRP recovery here

This method works on almost all of the Android devices. Extra vmat file is not required in this process. The device will automatically reboot into system without any errors. If you get any error or want help, let me know via comment or Email.

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