• How to Play Adobe Flash Player

    How to Play Adobe Flash Player


    This post is about how to play adobe flash player. It will mark a significant change in the way I have posted the tech topics now. Being an engineer, I believe it is my duty to share how we engineer process the ideas, use internet and other tips. So a series of post will be there now with this theme. Wikipedia defines adobe flash player as a freeware computer software for viewing multimedia contents, running rich Internet applications, and streaming audio and video content made on the Adobe Flash platform (known as Shockwave Flash in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome). On supported devices, it can function independently or as a browser plug-in within a web browser. The main reason for me writing this post is to share how you can use the flash players like functionality in your laptop. There exists plethora of site which uses flash player. And, after the Adobe ended the support for Flash Player in December 2020, such websites functionality rendered effectively useless.

    Why Adobe Flash Player was used?

    Adobe Flash Player was the leader when it was on the market. Almost all the sites used it to display back then. It supported multimedia formats like MP3, MPEG4, JPEG, PNG, GIF, FLG. Also, it supports data formats like XML, JSON, AMF and SWF. Several other features were also there but I will refrain from those as the post is not about that. This BBC article says the reason why Adobe ended flash player, “But it was plagued with security problems and failed to transition to the smartphone era. Adobe will no longer offer security updates for Flash and has urged people to uninstall it. It will also stop videos and animations running in its Flash Player from 12 January.” This is just to make the site secure and other security reasons they said.

    Alternatives to Adobe Flash Player ?

    Well I don’t know why I kept this sub heading. I think I wanted you to know that there exists alternative to adobe flash player but this post is not about alternatives but rather about how you can play multimedia files from websites in your laptop. All this will make sense in next couple section. For this section, some of the well known alternatives are Lightspark, Gnash, Ruffle and Cheerpx.

    Reason for writing this post

    One of my favorite sites during engineering was Animated Mechanics. This has everything a mechanical engineer would want to learn. Animation of four bar chain, watts engine, different other linkages which I can’t seem to remember now are also there. I will upload some of the animation I was able to play on my laptop for the four bar chain.

    Four Bar Chain Linkage Play
    Four bar clockwise movement
    Coupler Type four bar chain
    If you are using this video in your site then please give reference to the site.

    How to download flash player files from any website?

    So if you go to the following page https://www.mekanizmalar.com/fourbar.html, then you won’t find it working. But it works on laptop on the adobe flash player application. I will upload the flash player exe application at the end. This can run all the types of flash player types. Now, let us begin with the section.

    Download FireFox browser first. Visit the website from firefox then go to the developer option, press CTRL+ SHIFT+ I keys on your laptop together. You can do quick google search if you are not able to find developer option. Then visit media section and there you will find forubar.swf file. Download it. That’s it! You have downloaded the file now.

    How to play flash content in laptop?

    Download link for the flash player is here. It is uploaded in linkvertise for secure upload. Follow some extra step and unlock it. Now after it is done, open the exe file. The interface is as below:

    Opening Interface of Adobe Flash Player

    Now, click on file and open the location where swf file is located and that’s it. You have completed the tutorial I guess. Some series of images I have enjoyed while writing this post are below:

    Also, feel free to comment if you faced any difficulty. I am in a good mood, won’t scold.

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  • (Unknown Error 1004) – Trying to unlock the bootloader

    (Unknown Error 1004) – Trying to unlock the bootloader

    Hey guys, while I was trying to unlock the bootloader of my redmi 9 pro max, it showed this error (Unknown error 1004). I search about this error on google to find more details & I tried the given solution from different popular forums like xda, reddit etc but the solution didn’t worked. So I tried doing some random stuff by myself to find the possible reason for that error. After 24 hours of testing, I found the exact reason why there was Unknown error 4004.

    This error occurs when we don’t put the original SIM card that we used to sign in to our MI account. This error is also known as device verification failed as the SIM card that we used to verify our account is either not inserted or switch to different one.

    The above image shows the error we are talking about. While trying to unlock the bootloader, this is the error message I received.

    The solution is simple, we have to insert our SIM card that we used before while verifying our MI account.

    After I inserted the SIM cards, the error was fixed & the time remaining to unlock the bootloader just showed up. Here is the screenshot of the solution.

    The above image confirms that I was able to fix the error.

    Now it is time to unlocked a bootloader on my redmi 9 pro max. Moving forward, I clicked on unlock & followed the steps shown.

    Bootloader Unlocked ✅

    The phone got factory erased. Make sure to back up all of your necessary files & apps before unlocking the bootloader.

    If you would like to download MI unlock tool which was used in this article, you can do so by clicking on continue icon.
  • Free Fire Mod Menu V 1.99.1 – Technical Gamer

    We are back with the new post of free fire. The free fire latest ob40 update V 1.99.1 was released on May 31. In this post, we will cover some features of free fire mod as well the ob40 patch update. Let’s begin with the introduction.

    Free Fire Latest Patch Update

    • Achievement mechanism: Players can now earn accomplishments for completing certain game objectives. In-game currency and other awards will be given to players who complete these goals.
    • Instant Messages: Now, players can choose from a variety of brief messages. They will be able to communicate with their teammates right away while playing thanks to this.
    • Character Awakening: Alok, one of the game’s most recognizable characters, has been awakened. This suggests that he has acquired new knowledge and capabilities.
    • Additional character: Sonia has been included in the game as a new character. She is a fresh character that can support players in crucial fights.
    • Season according to rank: Clash Squad S19 has begun. A fresh rank season is currently running for the Clash Squad mode. Players can get rewards by moving up in rank.

    Introduction to Free Fire Mod

    Free Fire mod can provide players a number of advantages over the original game, including infinite health and ammunition as well as aimbot, wallhack, and other features that aren’t present in the original. Players may find it simpler to advance through the game and have better fight outcomes as a result of these changes.


    • Aimbot: Aimbots are computer programs that automatically aim and fire at rival players in games, improving players’ accuracy.
    • Wallhack: This feature gives players the ability to see through walls and other game objects, giving them the upper hand by enabling them to find rivals who are hiding or taking cover.
    • Antenna head: By extending a long antenna over the player’s head, this feature makes it simpler to see adversaries in the distance.
    • No recoil: By eliminating the recoil from a weapon, this characteristic improves its accuracy and ease of control.
    • High damage: This attribute raises the maximum amount of damage a player’s weapons can deal to enemies, making it simpler to take them out.
    • Fly hack: This function enables players to fly through the air, making it simpler to avoid danger or go to high places.
    • Fast reload: By speeding up the reloading process, players can fire their weapons more frequently.

    Things to consider

    Security concerns: The possible security concerns that using a Free Fire mod presents are one of the biggest drawbacks. These mods can contain malware or viruses that can damage your device or steal your personal information because the game’s official developers have not approved or supported them.

    Account Bans: Using Free Fire mods in violation of the game’s terms of service may result in account bans, the loss of progress, and other unfavorable outcomes.

    Unfair Advantage: player who uses a Free Fire mod may have an unfair edge over other players who are playing the game fairly. Other players’ enjoyment may be ruined, and the producers’ attempts to make a fair and pleasant game for all players may be undermined.

    Limited Features: While Free Fire mods might provide a number of benefits, their feature set is constrained. Using mods can limit a player’s ability to access all of the features and content that are there in the original game, which can affect how much fun they have playing.

    That’s all for this post. We will update this section as the new update arrives.

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  • Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod – Technical Gamer

    This post is going to be about shadow fight 2 Titan mod. Unlike previously of shadow fight 2 VIP, this Titan mod offer wide range of enhancements. Before we share details of the enhancements, lets know more about this Titan mod.

    Shadow Fight 2 Titan

    The Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod is a customized edition of the game that adds fresh content, unlocks potent abilities, and offers players fun benefits not present in the original release. We as a content creator have been creating such VIPs and Titan mods since 2 years and we can add any features or enhancements as per viewers request.

    Features of Titan Mod:

    • Battle Against Titan: Titan, the game’s main nemesis, can be faced head-on in direct combat thanks to the Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod. With the help of this unique feature, players can engage in an epic clash and test their mettle against one of the game’s most deadly foes.
    • Unlock Titan’s Powers: By defeating Titan in battle, players can harness his tremendous strength and get access to a variety of special talents and powers. Players may significantly benefit from their newly acquired abilities in subsequent encounters, dominating their adversaries.
    • Expanded Armory: The Titan Mod adds a wider range of weapons and gear, including strong and exclusive items that can be utilized to improve your fighting technique. You can customize your loadout to suit your preferred fighting strategy and increase your chances of success thanks to the wide variety of weapons at your disposal.
    • Unleash deadly Combos: With the Titan Mod, players can launch deadly combination attacks that utterly destroy their foes. Players can overwhelm their opponents by using a sequence of well-timed strikes and techniques to unleash an unstoppable barrage of blows.
    • Improved AI and Difficulty: The Titan Mod dramatically improves the artificial intelligence (AI) of the game, making combat more difficult and strategic. The opponents you confront will have improved combat capabilities, so you’ll need to come up with new strategies and sharpen your fighting skills to go through the increased difficulties.
    • Unlock Unlimited Energy: In Shadow Fight 2, energy is a crucial resource because it decides how many fights you can take part in before needing to recover. With the removal of energy limitations, the Titan Mod offers a seamless gaming experience by enabling players to fight continually without breaks.


    • Unbalanced gameplay that could result from the Titan Mod’s powerful advantages and overpowering capabilities, which could make certain players feel less challenged.
    • Due to the mod’s modified nature, there is a chance that the game will become unstable or crash because there may be compatibility issues with particular hardware or game versions.

    How To Install

    The installation process for VIPs and Titan mod is same. Here is the detail step by step process to install Titan mods.

    • Step 1: First, get the Shadow Fight 2 VIP zip file.
    • Step 2: Unzip Shadow Fight 2 Zip and store it internally.
    • Step 3: Set up and launch the Shadow Fight 2 application. (Shut off the Internet)
    • Step 4: Forcely close the application and navigate to the Internal storage folder for assets.
    • Step 5: In the assets folder, rename packs.xml444 to packs.xml.
    • Step 6: Launch Shadow Fight 2 and have fun with it.

    Note: Please remember to turn off the internet while completing the steps.

    That’s it for this post. We will update keep adding new features to this VIPs and Titan mods in future. Subscribe us for more content.

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  • How To Remotely Access a PC/Laptop by Phone

    Are you interested in finding out how to operate your Windows or Mac computer using your phone?The process could appear challenging at first, but there are several software solutions that can help you quickly fix the issue. The fact that they work with both Mac and Windows operating systems is the nicest thing, which is helpful for people who use multiple computers.

    In the contemporary digital era, mobile devices have become an essential component of our life. Many devices, including computers, may now be controlled remotely as they have more capabilities. This article will look at a variety of methods and tools that let you control your laptop using an Android mobile device.

    How it works?

    The capacity to manage and access a computer system from a distance is referred to as remote PC/laptop access. Users are able to connect to their PCs or laptops, view the desktop, access files, run applications, and carry out operations as if they were in front of the computer physically.

    Does it requires internet?

    Yes, an internet connection is necessary for remote PC/laptop access. For seamless device-to-device communication, the use of remote access software, data security through encryption, and utilizing cloud-based infrastructure, remote PC/laptop access needs an internet connection. Internet connectivity opens up the possibility of remote work by allowing you to access your computer from anywhere in the world.

    Things to consider while choosing the software:

    • Compatability: Check the software’s compatibility with the platforms you use, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. Make sure the program is compatible with the hardware you want to access remotely.
    • Security: Search for features that offer strong security, such as two-factor authentication solutions, authentication processes, and encryption protocols. Make sure the software offers a secure connection to guard your data while it is being transmitted.
    • Performance: Take into account the software’s performance, particularly if you need real-time interactions or to send large files. Look for software that provides less lag, quick responses, and effective bandwidth use.
    • User Friendly: Evaluate the user interface and the simplicity of installation and configuration. Time can be saved by using a user-friendly piece of software with simple setup procedures and easy controls.
    • Features: Examine the features that the software offers. Think of features like multi-user support, remote printing, collaborative tools, and session recording. Select software that has the characteristics that meet your unique requirements.
    • Scalability: If you expect your remote access demands to grow in the future, think about software that can meet them by enabling several connections at once or scaling for an increasing number of users.
    • Pricing and Licensing: Recognize the software’s pricing structure. Some software may provide free personal versions yet charge for business or sophisticated capabilities. Think about your spending limit and assess the software’s value in relation to its price.

    how to remotely control

    Chrome Remote Desktop

    Google’s free remote access tool Chrome Remote Desktop distinguishes out for being straightforward and simple to use. It enables customers to access their desktop or laptop computers via the Google Chrome browser since it is a web-based service. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook-compatible hardware is all compatible with Chrome Remote Desktop.

    Set up Process

    • On the local device and the remote laptop/PC, install the Chrome browser.
    • Insert the Chrome Remote Desktop extension that is available from the Chrome Web Store.
    • Put a secure PIN in place for authentication and enable remote access.
    • On the distant computer or laptop, install the Chrome Remote Desktop Host application.
    • Run the Chrome Remote Desktop Host application and write down the 12-digit code.
    • To the nearby device, transmit the code.
    • Click the Chrome Remote Desktop extension in the open Chrome window on the local device.
    • Start the remote session by entering the PIN and selecting “Connect”.


    A well-known remote access program called TeamViewer makes it easy to collaborate and receive online support. It is a popular option for both individuals and organizations due to its user-friendly design and strong feature set. TeamViewer offers cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices while operating over a secure connection. It establishes connections using a special ID and password scheme, guaranteeing privacy and security.

    Set up Process

    • TeamViewer can be downloaded via here.
    • Install TeamViewer on both the remote computer or laptop and the local device.
    • Open TeamViewer on the distant computer or laptop, and make note of the special ID and password that appear.
    • Open TeamViewer on your local computer.
    • In the “Partner ID” field, type the special ID of the remote computer or laptop.
    • Click “Connect” and type the password for the remote laptop or computer.
    • You can use your local device to access and operate the distant computer or laptop once the connection has been made.


    AnyDesk stands out for its remarkable reactivity and speed, making it the best option for jobs that call for in-the-moment interactions. It reduces latency and offers a fluid remote access experience with its ground-breaking DeskRT video codec. It offers support for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, just like TeamViewer does. Strong authentication and encryption techniques are used to guarantee secure connections. It is appropriate for a variety of use cases because to its additional features, which include file transfer, session recording, remote audio and video streaming, and collaborative tools.

    Set up Process

    • Obtain AnyDesk from the official website and install it.
    • Install AnyDesk on both the remote computer or laptop and the local device.
    • Start AnyDesk on the remote computer or laptop.
    • Note the AnyDesk ID that is shown on the home screen.
    • Open AnyDesk on your local computer.
    • In the “Remote Desk” section, enter the remote computer’s or laptop’s AnyDesk ID.
    • To start the connection, click “Connect”.
    • You can use your local device to access and operate the distant computer or laptop once the connection has been made.
  • Free Fire & Free Fire Max VIP Mod – Technical Gamer

    This post is going to be about Free Fire & Free Fire Max. The post contains details of both free fire & free fire max mod. We will also cover the latest features of these games. Let’s start with the introduction.

    Free Fire

    Free Fire provides a thrilling battle royale experience with fast-paced action, a variety of game modes, and a ton of customizability choices. By participating in Free Fire, you may put your abilities to the test, plan ahead, and engage in action-packed skirmishes with other players in an effort to be the last one standing. By fostering teamwork and fair play, the game encourages players to hone their skills. It offers an engaging and competitive setting where you may enjoy the thrill of playing battle royale.

    Free Fire Max

    With better sights, better graphics, and an immersive gameplay experience, Free Fire Max elevates the Free Fire experience. You may experience the same exhilarating battle royale action of Free Fire Max with improved graphics and slicker performance. The game’s outstanding visuals, lifelike effects, and intricate landscapes further envelop you in the gaming universe. For those who want the best visuals and visual fidelity in their gaming, Free Fire Max offers an improved gaming experience.

    Free Fire & Free Fire Max Mod

    A modified version of the game known as a “mod menu” for Free Fire & Free Fire Max offers more features and functionalities not present in the original game. Players can access different cheats, hacks, and customization options through a mod menu, giving them an advantage over other players. Aimbot, wallhacks, infinite resources, and other features might be among these benefits.

    The gaming experience in Free Fire can be significantly changed by using the mod menu. The use of improved skills that unfairly favour one player over another includes auto-aiming and seeing past walls. Additionally, mod menus frequently provide limitless in-game resources, allowing players to freely obtain things and improvements.


    • Aimbot: You can use the Aimbot function to automatically aim at your opponents, making it simpler to defeat them.
    • Wallhack: You can detect enemies and dodge obstacles more easily thanks to the Wallhack feature, which lets you see through walls.
    • Unlimited Ammo: With the Free Fire Mod, there is no need to worry about running out of ammunition.
    • You become invincible in God Mode, making it impossible for foes to harm you.
    • No Grass: By removing all grass from the map, the No Grass function allows you to see your surroundings clearly.
    • No Fog: The No Fog option eliminates any fog from the map so you can see clearly around you.
    • Speed: The Speed function gives you faster movement, enabling you to dodge opponent strikes and move rapidly.
    • No Recoil: By eliminating recoil from your weapons, the No Recoil feature makes it simpler to direct your aim.
    • No Spread: By removing spread from your weapons, the No Spread feature makes it simpler to hit your targets.

    How To Install

    • Look For a Trusted Source: Find a reliable source by searching for a respected website or online forum that offers Free Fire game mods. To prevent downloading any harmful files or jeopardizing the security of your device, be sure the source is trustworthy.
    • Install the mod here: Find the particular Free Fire mod file that you wish to install. APK (Android Package) files are the most common format in which mods are made available.
    • The installation of apps from unknown sources must be permitted on your device because you are installing a mod outside of the official app store. To achieve this, turn on the “Unknown Sources” option in the Security or Privacy section of your device’s settings.
    • Installing the modified APK requires finding the modded APK file on your device using a file manager tool. To start the installation procedure, tap on the file. To finish the installation, adhere to the on-screen directions.
    • Once the installation is complete, the Free Fire icon should appear on your device’s home screen or app drawer, allowing you to launch the modded game. To start the game’s hacked version, tap the symbol.
    You can download free fire by clicking on continue icon
  • Roblox Mod Menu V 2.575.424 – Technical Gamer

    Welcome to our newest post of Roblox. This post will contains some basic information about Roblox and it’s mod menu. If you are new to the blog, consider subscribing to receive regular updates.

    What is Roblox mod menu?

    Players can cheat in Roblox games by using a third-party program called a Roblox mod menu. Many features, like god mode, fly hacks, and wall hacks, are frequently available in mod menus. The experience for everyone could be ruined by these features, which could offer gamers an unfair advantage over other players.

    Can I play Roblox without ban?

    Yes, unlike the majority of games on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store, the Roblox producers let us play the Roblox mod menu without getting banned, therefore this is a benefit for Roblox users. We are able to use any script and play Roblox using its modified version.

    Is Robux available?

    Robux are not available for use on our account. In Roblox, there are numerous ways to obtain free, limitless Robux, however these methods are merely aesthetic and not functional. You may find infinite Robux on several different Roblox mod menus. Since Roblox is an online game, we must change the original server data in order to legitimately receive unlimited Robux.


    • God Mode: You become invincible in God mode, making it impossible for you to be slain by foes or suffer damage from falls.
    • Fly hacks: Fly hacks give you the ability to fly around the map, which is helpful for exploring or reaching out-of-the-way locations.
    • Wall hacks: Wall hacks give you the ability to see past walls, which is helpful for seeing obstacles like adversaries or traps.
    • Speed hacks: Speed hacks give you the ability to move more swiftly than usual, which can be handy for navigating the map quickly or avoiding opponents.
    • Jump hacks: With the ability to jump higher than usual, jump hacks can help you reach higher ground or elude opponents.
    • Noclip: Noclip gives you the ability to pass through objects and barriers, which might be helpful for navigating or reaching inaccessible locations.
    • Invisibility: You become invisible to other players when you have this ability, which comes in handy for skulking or dodging attacks.
    • Aimbot: Aimbot will automatically point your crosshair at adversaries, making it possible to kill them more quickly.
    • ESP: ESP helps you find adversaries and escape traps by pointing out where other objects and enemies are on the map.
    • Respawn: Respawn enables you to respawn right away if you pass out, which is helpful for returning to the action quickly.
    • Health boost: By boosting your health, you become more resistant to being killed.
    • Damage boost: Damage boost boosts your damage output, making it possible to dispatch adversaries more quickly.
    • Admin commands: Using admin commands, you can carry out a number of tasks in Roblox games, including teleporting, creating objects, and kicking people.
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  • Shadow Fight 3 V 1.33.0 Mod – Technical Gamer

    We are back with another post of shadow fight 3 after a long time. In this post, we will provide you with the information of latest version of shadow fight 3 and its mod. Let’s start with the introduction.

    About Shadow Fight 3:

    Featuring aspects of a knight fighting game, ninja adventures, and street fights, Shadow Fight 3 is an action-packed role-playing game. In a universe where the powers of light and shadow clash, Shadow Fight 3 offers an intricate and captivating narrative. Players take on the role of a formidable warrior called a “Shadow,” who must make their way through a convoluted storyline full of mystery, intrigue, and titanic battles. You’ll run with interesting people along the way, learn about buried information, and piece together the lengthy past of the Shadow Energy that powers the globe.

    About Shadow fight 3 Mod:

    The term “Shadow Fight 3 mod” designates a modified version of the original Shadow Fight 3 game made by outside developers or fans. In order to add new functionality, improve gameplay, or change existing parts, mods are changes made to the game’s code, assets, other functionalities. These alterations are often made by the gaming community and are not officially authorized or endorsed by the game’s creators, Nekki.

    Features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod:

    • Unlimited Resources: Mods may provide players with unlimited in-game currency, gems, energy, or other resources, enabling them to make purchases, unlock items, and progress more easily without the need to earn or purchase resources through regular gameplay.
    • Unlocked Content: Some mods allow players to access premium or exclusive content that is typically available through in-app purchases or significant in-game progress. This can include unlocking characters, weapons, armor, game modes, or other locked features without meeting the usual requirements.
    • Custom Features: Mods can introduce new gameplay mechanics, characters, levels, or other unique features not present in the original game. These modifications aim to enhance the overall gaming experience and offer something different from the official version.
    • Enhanced Graphics or Visuals: Some mods focus on improving the game’s graphics quality, textures, lighting effects, or overall visual aesthetics. These enhancements can result in a more visually appealing experience for players.
    • Gameplay Tweaks: Mods may adjust gameplay parameters, such as character stats, AI behavior, difficulty levels, or combat mechanics, to create a different balance or experience compared to the original game.
    • Custom Characters: Mods can introduce new playable characters with unique abilities, appearance, or fighting styles that are not available in the original game.
    • Enhanced Graphics: Some mods may enhance the game’s visuals, offering improved textures, lighting effects, or higher-resolution graphics.
    • New Weapons and Equipment: Mods can introduce additional weapons, armor, or equipment options, expanding the arsenal available to players beyond what is provided in the original game.
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  • Shadow Fight 2 VIP Technical Gamer

    After a long time, we are finally back with the post of shadow fight 2 VIP. Shadow Fight 2 VIP is a type of mod where we can add new weapons, armors, helmets and magic items. It is basically open source mod where users can modify the in-game items. Because we are creating such VIP mods since more than two years, the VIP mod already has more than 70+ items including weapons, armors, helmets and magic items.

    We also offer our subscribers the customize weapons/mods according to their needs. The VIP mods do not come with the latest version. The version of VIP mods are not upgradable because it uses outdated/old technique to recall its data and OBB files. The original shadow fight 2 game don’t have magic effects like VIP mods do. It is one of the favourite reason why we prefer VIP mods. The VIP mods do not offer online match with underworld bosses. It is one of the disadvantage out there and the VIP mods may crash on low end devices.

    Features of VIP Mod

    • Unlimited Gems and Coins: Players get unlimited Gems and Coins in the VIP Mod version. You can advance more quickly and create a character that suits your preferences by using these resources to buy new weapons, armor, and enhancements.
    • Characters that are Unlocked: Shadow Fight 2 VIP Mod unlocks all of the characters at once, doing away with the necessity to do so gradually as you progress through the game. You can immediately start epic battles with any character you pick.
    • Weapons and Equipment Unlocked: With this update, you have immediate access to a variety of weapons and items. You are free to outfit your character with the best equipment, from potent swords and staffs to lethal ranged weaponry.
    • No Ads: The Shadow Fight 2 VIP Mod gets rid of all the grating commercials that may otherwise ruin your game experience. You won’t experience any interruptions while playing, resulting in a more engaging gaming experience.
    • Enhanced Skills and Abilities: The mod version can give your character improved skills and abilities. You may have access to special moves, powerful assaults, and greater damage, giving you an advantage over rivals.
    • Energy is unlimited with the VIP Mod, allowing you to play for longer stretches of time and participate in battles without having to stop and wait for your energy to refuel. This makes it possible for continuous gameplay and more thrilling battles.
    • Offline Mode: The VIP Mod’s offline compatibility is one of its key benefits. The game is convenient for playing when traveling or in locations with poor connectivity because you may play it without an internet connection.
    • Increased Rewards: The mod version can give players more money for winning battles and completing challenges. This speeds up your game progress by enabling you to gain more experience points, gold, and gems.
    • Customization Options: Shadow Fight 2 VIP Mod frequently offers more customization options, enabling you to make your character stand out from other players by customizing their appearance, armor, and weapon skins.

    How To Install VIP Mods

    Step 1: Download the Shadow Fight 2 VIP zip.

    Step 2: Extract Shadow Fight 2 Zip to Internal storage.

    Step 3: Install & Open Shadow Fight 2 application. (Turn off Internet)

    Step 4: Force exit the application and go-to assets folder in Internal storage.

    Step 5: Rename packs.xml444 to packs.xml from assets folder.

    Step 6: Open Shadow Fight 2 and enjoy the game.

    Note: Make sure to turn off the internet while following the process.

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  • How to screen record on laptop

    Do you enjoy playing entertaining video games with friends? A decent approach to do both is to record your screen. You might also wish to record specific screen activity in Windows if you’re making a presentation, a how-to video, or something for YouTube.

    Screen recording is the technique of taking a video recording of everything that is visible on your laptop screen. Screen recording can be employed for a number of tasks, including the production of video courses, the capturing of online meetings, and the documentation of software problems.

    That operation can be carried out using a variety of third-party tools, some of which are cost-free and others which are more expensive. You can make advantage of a few built-in functions in Windows rather than downloading and installing a separate program.

    You will find detailed instructions on how to screen record your laptop in this page. We will discuss several screen recording solutions, including the finest free third-party applications and the built-in screen recorder.

    Method 1 (built-in screen recorder)

    The Xbox Game Bar, a built-in feature in Windows 10 and 11, allows you to record gameplay and snap images. The steps listed below describe how to capture a screen shot using the Xbox Game Bar.

    • Launch the program or app you want to use to record with.
    • Press the Windows key and G on your keyboard to open the Xbox Game Bar.
    • Select the “Capture” button (the one that looks like a camera) from the Game Bar menu.
    • You have the option of taking a screenshot of the entire screen or just a portion of it.
    • Click the “Record” button (which looks like a circle) to start the recording.
    • To stop recording, click the “Stop” button (which looks like a square) on the Game Bar menu.

    Once you’ve finished filming, your screen capture will be stored in the “Captures” folder under your Videos folder. You may access your movies by opening the Xbox app and choosing the “Captures” option.

    Method 2 (built-in screen recorder)

    Windows Game Recorder is another integrated utility that enables you to record games or any other screen activity. The procedures listed below describe how to capture a screen using Windows Game Recorder:

    • Launch the program or app you want to use to record with.
    • Press the Windows key and G on your keyboard to open the Game Bar.
    • Select “Settings” from the Game Bar menu by clicking the gear-shaped button.
    • Check the box to the right of “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar.”
    • Close the Game Bar menu and press Windows + Alt + R to start recording.
    • To stop recording, press Windows key + Alt + R once more.

    Your recording will be saved in the “Captures” folder found in your built-in screen recording folder.

    Method 3 (third-party software)

    There are various advantages to using third-party programs to capture the Windows desktop that can improve your screen recording experience. These programs offer sophisticated features like frame rate, resolution, and audio input modification choices. You can record high-quality films with these options that are tailored to your requirements. Additionally, third-party programs provide a selection of editing tools that let you add effects, annotations, and text overlays to your video content. These programs can support various file formats, which makes it simpler to share your recordings across various platforms.

    OBS Studio

    A free and open-source program for recording and live streaming is called OBS Studio. Among its features are the ability to switch between scenes, mix audio, and assign unique hotkeys. It allows live broadcasting to various platforms and may record in a variety of file formats.

    How to record a screen with OBS Studio

    • Download and install OBS Studio from the official website.
    • After launching OBS Studio, choose “Create New” in the “Scenes” box. After giving it a name, press “OK”.
    • To capture a screenshot of your entire screen or a specific window or application, respectively, click the plus sign (+) and select “Display Capture” or “Window Capture” in the “Sources” box.
    • The display or window you want to capture can be chosen from the dropdown menu.
    • The corners and borders of the capture box can be moved to alter its dimensions.
    • Select “Settings” from the menu at the bottom right of the OBS Studio window.
    • Under the “Output” tab, you can choose your recording’s video resolution, frame rate, and bitrate.
    • Under the “Recording” option, select the video format, location, and file name that you prefer.
    • Click “OK” to save your changes and go back to the main OBS Studio window.
    • Click the “Start Recording” button (the red circle) to begin recording.
    • After you’re finished, click the “Stop Recording” button (the square) to end the recording.
    • The recording will be saved in the place you choose in the “Recording” tab of the settings menu.

    Why choose OBS Studio?

    • Recording High-Quality Video and Audio: High-quality video and audio recording is possible with OBS Studio in a number of different formats, including FLV, MP4, and others. Additionally, you have the option of recording a window, a screen, or a particular program.
    • Using OBS Studio, you can stream your content live to platforms like Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. The bit rate, resolution, and frame rate of the streaming can all be changed.
    • OBS Studio enables you to easily move between different scenes and inputs while recording or live broadcasting. You can include a webcam, microphone, pictures, movies, and more as inputs.
    • Customizable Hotkeys: OBS Studio allows you to create custom hotkeys for a variety of tasks, including starting and pausing recording and switching between scenes.
    • Visual Effects: You can use OBS Studio to add a variety of visual effects and filters to your recordings or live streams, including chroma keying, color correction, and more.
    • Supports Plugin: You can use a variety of plugins with OBS Studio to expand the program’s features and functionalities.
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  • Roblox Mod V 2.571.526 – Technical Gamer

    Hello, after a long time, we are back with another post of Roblox. The Version 2.57 which is mentioned in this article was released on 20 April 2023.

    The post is divided into intro section about mod menu which I have not written in a while, then about Roblox mod menu and then some of its features. After that, a little bit of display of the game play of the mod I have used and finally a link with which you guys can try out. Sounds alright to me.

    Can we use robux?

    No we cannot use robux on our account. There are many ways we can get free unlimited Robux in the Roblox but it will be only visual & we can’t use them. There are many mod menus of Roblox where you can see the unlimited Robux on it. Since Roblox is an online game & to get legit unlimited Robux in our accounts we need to modify the original server data.

    Is Roblox mod official?

    The developers of Roblox are allowing us to play the Roblox mod menu without any ban unlike most of the games available on the google play store & Apple app store, so this is an advantage for Roblox users. We can play Roblox with its modified version & can apply any script.


    • Infinite Jump: Allows the player’s avatar to jump infinitely without losing altitude or coming back to the ground.
    • Fly: Allows the player’s avatar to fly in the game, usually by pressing a specific key.
    • Noclip + Air Walk/Wallhack: Allows the player’s avatar to move through walls, terrain, and other obstacles in the game.
    • Escape Prison: Allows the player’s avatar to escape prison or other confinement within the game.
    • Set Jump Value (Spinner): Lets the player’s avatar adjust the height of their jumps by adjusting a spinner or slider.
    • Ragdoll V.1, V.2, V.3: Changes the physics of the player’s avatar, making it limp or floppy.
    • Noclip: Allows the player’s avatar to move through walls and other obstacles in the game.
    • Bunny Hop: Allows the player’s avatar to jump continuously while moving forward, increasing their speed.
    • Different Walking Animation: Changes the animation of the player’s avatar while walking or running.
    • Fly/Unlimited Stamina: Allows the player’s avatar to fly indefinitely without losing stamina or energy.
    • Climb Mode: Enables the player’s avatar to climb walls and other vertical surfaces.
    • Snake Mode: Changes the player’s avatar model to that of a snake or serpent.
    • Teleport Up: Allows the player’s avatar to teleport to a higher location within the game.
    • Light Respawn: Respawns the player’s avatar with more light or brightness.
    • No Walking Animation: Disables the animation of the player’s avatar while walking or running.
    • Underground: Lets the player’s avatar move underground, beneath the surface of the game world.
    • Teleporting: Allows the player’s avatar to teleport to any location within the game world.
    • Slim Body: Shrinks the player’s avatar model, making them smaller.
    • Cannot Destroy My Body: Prevents the player’s avatar from being damaged or destroyed.
    • No Chest/No Arms/No Legs: Removes certain body parts from the player’s avatar model.
    • Freeze Camera: Freezes the camera view in place, allowing the player to look around without moving.
    • Letters (Spinner): Allows the player to select letters or characters using a spinner or slider.
    • Dark Mode: Changes the color scheme of the game to a darker theme.
    • More Lights: Adds more light sources to the game world.
    • Change Map Color: Lets the player change the color of the game world or certain parts of it.
    • Chams: Makes objects or characters in the game world more visible by highlighting them.
    • See Through Walls: Allows the player to see through walls and other obstacles.
    • Speed Hack: Increases the player’s movement speed or rate of action.

    That’s it for now. Follow our blog for more contents.

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  • Shadow Fight 3 Mod V 1.32.2 – Technical Gamer

    This post is going to be about the latest version of shadow fight 3. The V 1.32.2 was released on 20 Mar 2023. We will be discussing about the latest features of shadow fight 3 mod.

    Shadow Fight 3 Original

    A mobile combat game called Shadow Fight 3 features gameplay from an RPG. Players assume the role of a warrior who must compete against other warriors to become the best fighter in the land in this game, which is set in a realm of shadows. Players can customize their warrior with a variety of weapons, armor options, and skills in this 3D game.

    The gameplay focuses on fighting other combatants one-on-one with the objective of beating them by utilizing a variety of martial arts moves, weapons, and special powers. In the game’s story mode, players can delve further into the world and learn more about the shadow realm’s mysteries.

    Shadow Fight 3 Mod

    A modified version of the original Shadow Fight 3 was made by outside developers and is known as Shadow Fight 3. Players are often given access to extra features like limitless gold or gems, characters, weapons, and levels that are not present in the original game, as well as other advantages.

    Features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod:

    • Customizable characters: Players can customize their characters with various weapons, armor, and abilities to create a unique fighting style.
    • 3D graphics: The game features high-quality 3D graphics that bring the shadow realm to life.
    • Story mode: Players can explore the world of the game and uncover its secrets through a story mode that features various characters and challenges.
    • RPG elements: Shadow Fight 3 incorporates RPG elements, such as leveling up, unlocking new abilities, and upgrading gear.
    • One-on-one battles: Players can engage in one-on-one battles against other fighters to prove their skills and climb the rankings.
    • Multiple game modes: The game offers various game modes, including Duel, Challenge, and Events, to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.
    • Multiplayer mode: Players can compete against each other in real-time multiplayer battles.
    • In-app purchases: Players can buy various items and currency through in-app purchases.
    • Multiple languages: The game is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to players from around the world.
    • Regular updates: The game is regularly updated with new content, including characters, weapons, and game modes.

    How To Install

    Step 1: Extract Shadow Fight 3 Zip File.

    Step 2: Install Shadow Fight 3 APK.

    Step 3: Copy Shadow Fight 3 Data Folder to Android/Data.

    Step 4: Copy Shadow Fight 3 OBB Folder to Android/Obb.

    Step 5: Grant Storage Permission.

    Step 6: Turn off internet & enjoy the game.

    We hope this post was helpful for beginners who are trying out this game. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

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