So we are back with another post related to technology. However, it won’t be much long and will take you just 1 minute of your time. Hold your seat belt and proceed to our post details, which will be about how to play YouTube in background. Isn’t it obvious everyone likes it?

Logo of YouTube

If you are rich or have sold your kidney then you might have YouTube premium. Unless that, this post will be definitely helpful. Spotify user might feel like they are wasting their time, you can read it for algorithm sake! First thing first, we won’t be using YouTube app but mobile browser for this. Make sure you have one , kidding. Open your browser then go to the three dots for settings and what not. Click desktop mode on there. After that is done, type in the browser search bar. This will open YouTube in a desktop mode as if you have opened it in laptop/desktop. Search for your favorite songs and play it. Directly come to home through home button in your phone. Music will stop for a while, don’t panic. Just check the notification and play YouTube again and the tutorial for how to play YouTube in background on Mobile ends.

Following series of images show steps you need to follow in case you are having some difficulty. Hope you enjoyed it. Do check out our previous post. Also ignore times and other personal details.

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