This post is about how to play adobe flash player. It will mark a significant change in the way I have posted the tech topics now. Being an engineer, I believe it is my duty to share how we engineer process the ideas, use internet and other tips. So a series of post will be there now with this theme. Wikipedia defines adobe flash player as a freeware computer software for viewing multimedia contents, running rich Internet applications, and streaming audio and video content made on the Adobe Flash platform (known as Shockwave Flash in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome). On supported devices, it can function independently or as a browser plug-in within a web browser. The main reason for me writing this post is to share how you can use the flash players like functionality in your laptop. There exists plethora of site which uses flash player. And, after the Adobe ended the support for Flash Player in December 2020, such websites functionality rendered effectively useless.

Why Adobe Flash Player was used?

Adobe Flash Player was the leader when it was on the market. Almost all the sites used it to display back then. It supported multimedia formats like MP3, MPEG4, JPEG, PNG, GIF, FLG. Also, it supports data formats like XML, JSON, AMF and SWF. Several other features were also there but I will refrain from those as the post is not about that. This BBC article says the reason why Adobe ended flash player, “But it was plagued with security problems and failed to transition to the smartphone era. Adobe will no longer offer security updates for Flash and has urged people to uninstall it. It will also stop videos and animations running in its Flash Player from 12 January.” This is just to make the site secure and other security reasons they said.

Alternatives to Adobe Flash Player ?

Well I don’t know why I kept this sub heading. I think I wanted you to know that there exists alternative to adobe flash player but this post is not about alternatives but rather about how you can play multimedia files from websites in your laptop. All this will make sense in next couple section. For this section, some of the well known alternatives are Lightspark, Gnash, Ruffle and Cheerpx.

Reason for writing this post

One of my favorite sites during engineering was Animated Mechanics. This has everything a mechanical engineer would want to learn. Animation of four bar chain, watts engine, different other linkages which I can’t seem to remember now are also there. I will upload some of the animation I was able to play on my laptop for the four bar chain.

Four Bar Chain Linkage Play
Four bar clockwise movement
Coupler Type four bar chain
If you are using this video in your site then please give reference to the site.

How to download flash player files from any website?

So if you go to the following page, then you won’t find it working. But it works on laptop on the adobe flash player application. I will upload the flash player exe application at the end. This can run all the types of flash player types. Now, let us begin with the section.

Download FireFox browser first. Visit the website from firefox then go to the developer option, press CTRL+ SHIFT+ I keys on your laptop together. You can do quick google search if you are not able to find developer option. Then visit media section and there you will find forubar.swf file. Download it. That’s it! You have downloaded the file now.

How to play flash content in laptop?

Download link for the flash player is here. It is uploaded in linkvertise for secure upload. Follow some extra step and unlock it. Now after it is done, open the exe file. The interface is as below:

Opening Interface of Adobe Flash Player

Now, click on file and open the location where swf file is located and that’s it. You have completed the tutorial I guess. Some series of images I have enjoyed while writing this post are below:

Also, feel free to comment if you faced any difficulty. I am in a good mood, won’t scold.

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