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In this post, I will explain about how to download video from YouTube. I think most of you already know how to download video from YouTube. It is pretty basic and there are several apps or websites through which you can download it. Many people use VidMate or TubeMate app for downloading.

Why download videos?

So in this section I will explain about why you may want to download videos. First and the most important point is you love that song and you always want to play it. Then it makes sense to download it once and play it whenever you want. So, you won’t worry about data, this is for countries where data is really expensive. Some of you might not know this. Also, when you are travelling at that time data and mobile network is inconsistent. In that case, downloaded movies or clips can come handy to our entertainment. In other cases, you might be low on battery and in that time also, you might need offline downloaded content.

How to download YouTube videos?

I will tell you few techniques. Easiest way is to use y2mate.com. You can visit y2mate here.

First of all, copy the YouTube URL. It works on all devices! Then paste is on the search button in the website. And select the format you want to download.


Tubemate is an effective devices and better than other devices that helps to download any Youtube videos. It is not dangerous and risky like other devices.

  1. Download the Tubemate app through google.
  2. Open the Youtube app
  3. Open the video which you want to download
  4. click download option


vidmate is also an effective device and good but it will be harmful for while using google.

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