In this post, I am going to show multiple options for you to go on full cloud mode. Yes, unlimited, free cloud storage. You heard it, it works 100% and the only requirement you need is a Gmail (or an email) address. Nothing else is required, no payments, no trial, no ads or any such nonsense. I need your time, that sure you can give and a bit of your focus on this post :D.

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Generally, people are familiar with following services:

Google Drive

Despite not being unlimited, they do offer free lifelong access. They just have a small amount of storage available. Almost identical to them is Mega. It gives you access to 50 GB of storage for a Gmail address. Now comes the trick from here 🙂

Trick for unlimited cloud storage

My Gmail address is [email protected], for example.

I will use [email protected] to sign up instead of that Gmail address. Now, this id will be distinct from [email protected] and the countless additional ids that you might have theoretically constructed from just one Gmail.

You might be contemplating what just transpired. In contrast to [email protected] or [email protected], [email protected] is unique.

I’ll provide you with evidence of this. The photos below show how I made additional mega accounts using the same (or different) Gmail ID. The same password can be used for all of your accounts. Your convenience is given. There are no restrictions on the names you can use following the revered “+” symbol. I’ve used +abrakadabra and +1.

Gmail ID 1:

This image shows mega account for unlimited cloud storage for one gmail id.
Mega account for Gmail ID with +abrakadabra

Gmail ID 2:

This image shows mega account for unlimited cloud storage for another gmail id.
Mega account for Gmail with +1

See, this post has no bullshit like complete these steps to unlock this offer or that. It is just plain and simple, and working! You got your unlimited free cloud storage and for lifetime. Do comment out if you found any difficulties.


Same different ID concept can be used for creating multiple twitter accounts. Now you might be thinking of trying it with facebook but Zucke is smart and it is not possible. It is possible in LinkedIn though. See where more you can use this feature. Do share the post if you found it useful. Also comment how you have used this concept. Your friends might want to know this tip.

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You can also download Mega application mentioned above by clicking on continue icon.

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