It can be frustrating to visit websites because of the “site can’t be reached” issue. This problem often occurs when your internet connection is down or when your web browser is acting up. We’ll look at a few solutions to the issue.

This common internet issue might be seen when using your browser. You only need to make a few tiny changes here and there to your operating system and browser to solve this problem.

Rebooting The Router

When faced with a network-related issue, restarting your router should always be your first line of defence. Turning off all of your router’s features and reloading them will allow you to fix minor difficulties with it.

The router can typically be restarted by pushing the Power button. If there isn’t a button on your router, you can turn it on and off using the power outlet switch. By visiting the device’s settings page in your web browser and choosing the reboot option, you may restart some routers.

Once you’ve restarted your network, open your browser again and try to access your websites.

Troubleshoot on Windows

The Windows 10 and 11 operating systems from Microsoft come with a ton of troubleshooters. You can locate and resolve a number of issues on your system with these tools.

Most of the time, these tools operate on their own, so all you need to do is start them and select a few parameters.

  • By hitting Windows + I, you may access Windows Settings.
  • In Settings, click Update & Security.
  • On the left, select Troubleshoot, and on the right, select Additional troubleshooters.
  • Run the troubleshooter under Internet Connections after choosing that option.
  • Wait for the troubleshooter to identify and resolve any connection problems.

Disable Firewalls

Your firewall can be preventing you from accessing the website, which is one of the causes of the “This site can’t be reached” Chrome issue. This typically occurs when the firewall marks the website as potentially dangerous.

If you want to be sure, you can disable the firewall on your computer. The following details how to turn off Windows’ Microsoft Defender Firewall:

  • Open the Start menu, look for Windows Security, then launch the application.
  • On the app’s home screen, click Firewall & network protection.
  • Select the network that is marked as (active).
  • Switch off Microsoft Defender Firewall.
  • When the User Account Control prompt appears, click Yes.
  • Reopen Chrome and attempt to access your website.

Checking Anti-virus Security

Your antivirus programme might have identified the website as posing a risk and prevented you from seeing it. You can disable your antivirus programme in this case to see if the issue has been resolved. The ways to turn off antivirus security are listed below.

  • On your computer, open the Windows Security app.
  • On the main window of the application, choose Virus & threat protection.
  • Under the Virus & threat protection settings section, select Manage settings.
  • Real-time protection can be disabled.
  • Try relaunching Browser, loading a website, and checking for errors.

Clear Browser Cache

Your browser stores a variety of site items in its cache to improve your overall web browsing experience. Occasionally, this saved data can become inaccurate, causing erratic browser issues.

Your “This site can’t be reached” issue could be due to a corrupt browser cache. You can solve the problem in this case by emptying your browser’s cache. This has no bearing on your browsing history, login sessions, saved passwords, or other data.

  • Start the browser, click the three dots, and then pick Settings.
  • Choose Clear browsing data on the right and Privacy and security on the left.
  • From the drop-down selection for Time range, select All time.
  • Uncheck every other option, then choose Cached pictures and files.
  • At the bottom, select Clear data.
  • Launch the web by restarting the browser again.

Clear DNS Cache

Your computer keeps a DNS cache to help your web browsers quickly convert domain names to IP addresses. On rare occasions, this cache may suffer from damage that prevents your browsers from accessing particular web pages.

Here are the steps on how to clear the DNS cache.

  • Launch Command Prompt from the Start menu to access the utility.
  • Ipconfig /flushdns should be entered in the CMD window, followed by the Enter key.
  • You’ve just cleared your DNS cache!

Try Alternative DNS

The “This site can’t be reached” issue in web could be a result of a DNS server failure on your end. Switching to alternative DNS servers is a good option if this occurs too frequently.

You can switch to OpenDNS’s free DNS servers or Google’s public DNS. Here’s how to modify that on your Windows computer:

  • To open the Windows Settings menu, press Windows + I.
  • By selecting Network & Internet, you may access your network options.
  • Choose Wi-Fi on the left and Adapter options to alter on the right.
  • Your network adapter’s Properties menu can be accessed by performing a right-click.
  • After selecting Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) on the list, click Properties.
  • The setting “following DNS server addresses” needs to be enabled.
  • Type in the Preferred DNS server field. Put in the Alternate DNS server section.
  • To finish, click OK.

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