This post is about how to fix the not registered on network issue on Samsung. We are writing this post because recently our Samsung M31 started acting up. The device was not able to make any calls, even though it had a very decent network connection. It kept saying “not registered on the network”. Also, be careful with the flashing step, which we will discuss later on.

What we tried to fix not registered on network issue

To solve this, we tried many troubleshooting steps provided by Samsung and solutions from the web, but none of them worked out. We even watched many YouTube videos to fix this issue, but 10 out of 9 videos were the same, just with different metadata, and none of them were actually helpful. Clickbait is everywhere on the internet, and tech giants won’t take any measures to control it.

If you’ve experienced this, then you will know that more than 70% of the contents on the internet are clickbait. If anyone from the Tech Giant platform is reading this, then please improve the search engine, or AI will soon take over because most of the sites on the internet are bunches of garbage where the content is copied from each other and phrases are changed to make them undetectable. They do not help users solve the issue but waste their time.

Now coming to the main topic of this post on how to fix the Samsung “Not Registered on Network” issue, We will provide a very straight-forward answer because we know how it feels to roam the internet and not get any solutions.

Fix “Not Registered on Network” on any Samsung

Now if you try to reset network settings, it won’t work, as most of the articles and videos on the internet give the same solution. Factory resetting the Android will also not solve this problem. Neither does restarting the device. The entire web is just full of crap. They will just provide these three simple troubleshooting steps, and they won’t work 99% of the time. Here is what you’ve got to do to fix this issue:

Flash Stock ROM (Your Country)

Now you must be wondering why “Your Country” is mentioned in the above title. We mentioned them because the network issues on Samsung devices occur most of the time because they have a different region or country OS compared to our country’s. Example: If you buy the Samsung from India and use it for the first time outside of India, then the SIM won’t work. It will simply show not registered on network issue again.

It is because, unlike most of the Android phones available in the market, Samsung uses and provides updates to its phones based on their location or country. There are different variants of OS for each country. It was made like this because Samsung phones of the same model in different countries are cheaper, and sellers sell the same phone from one country to another at a cheap price, thus affecting the local market.

There is one additional alternative to prevent this issue from happening to anyone, and that is by inserting the original country or region SIM card and making a phone call for 10 minutes. Then it can be used in any other country. But most of us searching for the solution to this issue can’t do that, so we must flash the original stock ROM of our countries using the Odin tool. We can find stock ROMs based on our countries on this site.

Image displaying how to fix not registered on network issue in Samsung/Android

The steps to flash the original stock ROM are already mentioned on the site we mentioned above, and we followed the same steps to flash the original stock ROM. However, we are still going to mention the steps to flash any Samsung using the Odin tool. Here is the list of all steps.

  • Get Odin: From a reliable source, get the Odin flashing program. The most recent version is advised.
  • To extract Odin, download the zip file to your computer and extract it into a folder.
  • Start your Samsung device in Download Mode by simultaneously pressing and holding the Volume Down, Bixby (if applicable), and Power buttons while it is off. To enter Download Mode when the warning screen shows, hit the Volume Up button.
  • Connect your device to your computer: To link your Samsung gadget to your computer, use a USB cord. Your device should be recognized by Odin, and a “Added!” message should appear in the Odin window.
  • Fill Odin with firmware files: Depending on the Odin version, choose the “AP” or “PDA” option and choose the firmware file with the.tar or.md5 extension.
  • You can also choose the BL (Bootloader), CP (Modem), or CSC files if your firmware package contains them in the appropriate slots.
  • Launch the flashing procedure: To start the flashing, click the “Start” button in Odin. Odin will begin flashing your device with the new firmware. This procedure can take a few minutes.
  • Watch for completion: When the flashing procedure is finished, Odin will show a “PASS!” message, and your device will restart on its own. During this process, do not unplug your device.

After the flashing process is complete, your device will automatically reboot itself into the system. The first reboot will take around 5 minutes. After the device gets rebooted, set up your Android, and you should be able to use your SIM now. If it still won’t operate, then take it to the mobile shop, and they will fix it for around $5, depending on your location.


Hope it helped your case. Please feel free to comment if you face any issue or need any help.

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