Have you ever found out someone has been secretly using your Wi-Fi network? Do you know it is possible for anyone to crack the WIFI password. And how can you protect your WIFI (uhm wife as well)? This post is about how to block unknown devices. Just so you know, there are many ways a person can crack the WIFI password. Some of them includes using powerful tool such us kali Linux, kali net hunter etc. With the help of this tool there is 50% chance of cracking anyone’s Wi-Fi password within minutes. We will be sharing the tips to increase your Wi-Fi security (and protect your WIFI) in this article.

First of all, How to find who’s using your WIFI?

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The first thing you need to do is to find how many users & who is using your Wi-Fi. You can find the users information on Wi-Fi set-up page or by using this application👇 . This application will give us the detail information of who’s using our Wi-Fi. In addition to this, we can also check their device type such as vivo, oppo, Samsung or iPhone & operating system such as Android or iOS. This all also provides the mac address of each connected users on Wi-Fi network. Finally, this way we can find who’s using our Wi-Fi.

We now know how to find who’s using our Wi-Fi. Now let’s see how can we block access of unknown device or unknown users. Each Wi-Fi router is built different. Most of the router set up page can be obtained via or Now by using your Wi-Fi set up page we are going to block unknown users from using our Wi-Fi using three simple steps. See, it is simple, innit? Trying to be British eh!

Router Page Login

At first try to open the router set up page on any of your browser. Now fill your default username & password in the set up page.

This image is the login page to access the router!
Login page

If you don’t know the default username & password then check your router manual guide or you can search your Wi-Fi router default username & password in google.

Access security Page

After login in you will see a webpage displaying information regarding your Wi-Fi network. Click on the security option as shown in the image below.

This image shows the security page where the desired blocking action can be done.
Security page of router

Change MAC Filter Setting!

Now click on MAC Filter Configuration. After clicking on MAC Filter Configuration, you will see the option to enable mac filter. From there click on enable mac filter & it will enable mac address filtering which will help us block unknown users from accessing our Wi-Fi.

MAC Filter page to block unknown devices from accessing wifi
Mac Filter page

There you will see the option of whitelist & blacklist. The whitelist feature is used to let anyone use your Wi-Fi without getting restrictions. The blacklist feature is what we need right now. It is used to block unknown/targeted device to connect to our Wi-Fi network. Click on filter mode & select blacklist as shown in the image. Now in the source MAC address put the targeted device mac address you want to block. As said earlier mac address can be found via the FING application which we talk earlier.

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