This post is going to be about the latest update of shadow fight 2 VIP. We have been creating such VIP mods of shadow fight 2 since a while and with each update we add more equipment like armor, helmet, enhancements & magic items.

We also give our subscribers the option to modify or customize weaponry to suit their needs. The most recent version does not include the VIP mods. Because it recalls its data and OBB files using an antiquated/old technique, the version of VIP modifications is not upgradeable. Unlike VIP mods, the basic Shadow Fight 2 game lacks magic effects. It is one of our favorite arguments for choosing VIP mods. VIP mods don’t provide online boss matches with the underworld’s top players. The VIP mods may crash on older devices, which is one of their drawbacks.

What is Shadow Fight 2 VIP

A form of mod where we can add new weapons, armors, helmets, and magical objects is called Shadow Fight 2 VIP. In essence, it is an open-source mod that allows players to alter in-game objects. The VIP mod already features more than 72 items, including weapons, armor, helmets, and magic items, because we have been producing such VIP mods for more than two years. The current mod have 9 total new collection.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 VIP

  • Wide Range of collection: With the VIP Mod, players can instantly unlock and have access to all of the available weapons and equipment in the game. This gives combatants more tactical freedom and variety.
  • Customization Options Expanded: The VIP Mod gives players more freedom to add special skins, colors, and accessories to their characters. This function gives the gaming experience a little bit of customization.
  • Ad-Free Experience: By removing the game’s adverts, the VIP Mod gives players a seamless, uninterrupted gameplay experience free of annoying breaks.
  • Increased Energy: In Shadow Fight 2, energy is a vital resource that affects how many battles a player may participate in before needing to recharge. The energy cap is frequently removed or greatly increased by the VIP Mod, allowing players to fight continually and advance more quickly.
  • Unlock Special Abilities: The Shadow Fight 2 hacked version may allow you to acquire unique special abilities that you can use in battle. These skills can give players an advantage in fight, enhancing the gameplay’s excitement and dynamism.
  • Unlock VIP-exclusive Content: As the name implies, the VIP Mod may allow access to VIP-only content that is only available to VIP members, such as special events, challenges, or awards that improve gameplay.
  • Faster Level Progression: By accelerating the leveling process, the VIP Mod enables players to go through the game’s campaign and discover new features, modes, and challenges more quickly.
  • Enhanced AI Difficulty: The mod might make changes to the game’s AI that make enemies more strategic and difficult to defeat. When beating difficult opponents, this might give a greater sense of accomplishment.
  • Access to VIP Tournaments: Users of VIP Mods may have access to VIP-only tournaments where they can face off against talented players for prestigious prizes and notoriety.


  • Step 1: Get the Shadow Fight 2 VIP zip file.
  • Step 2: Unzip Shadow Fight 2 Zip and store it internally.
  • Step 3: Set up and launch the Shadow Fight 2 application. (Shut off the Internet)
  • Step 4: Forcely close the application and navigate to the Internal storage folder for assets.
  • Step 5: In the assets folder, rename packs.xml444 to packs.xml.
  • Step 6: Launch Shadow Fight 2 and have fun with it.

It is important that you must turn off internet while following these steps. We are always here to help you if you encounter any issue. If you would like to request for new items, you may contact us through our YouTube channel or site contact form.

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