One of the most popular games in the low budget smartphones, free fire is a shooting game where players compete with each other to emerge victorious. This will be a short post about how one can increase the chances of Booyah in the Free fire. Booyah is analogous to Chicken Dinner of PUBG.

First and foremost, it depends on whether you are playing solo or in squad mode. Different strategies exist for both. In solo mode, it is usually safer to land in the places like Mars Electric, Hangar or the circuit. Less number of players jump there and you can have a good start there. One disadvantage here is you have to go inside towards factory, clock tower or peak as the zone shrinks. So you might get killed in that process. In case you are very good at shooting then you should directly start at Peak, factory or clock tower. This will give you an advantage later on. For squad mode, always jump together with your teammates. In case there is revival points, two can jump in one place and remaining two on other place. This way other two can be revived when killed. This was the strategy part.

Second comes the shooting skills. It remains same for both the cases. Mobile should be steady, charged and background app should be minimum. A lot of practice is needed. Some improvisation and personal touch is always there.

Third, the characters used should be maxed out. This was opponent won’t have unfair advantage. In squad mode, players can use different characters to complement each other. One can use chrono, other can use Alok and so on.

High ground can be used when necessary.

Staying close to safe zone and inside is always favorable. There might be an exception though.

Mike and voice if kept on will be really helpful when in squad mode. make sure to communicate.

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